#BBVAOpenMind: Visions for a better world

Circulating knowledge may be the best way to build a better future. Based on this premise, on April 16 the Chairman of BBVA, Francisco González, presented the fifth annual OpenMind book, entitled “There’s a future. Visions for a better world“, which includes articles from 18 internationally prestigious scientists writing about how the world will evolve over the next few decades. The event could also be followed on Twitter via the hashtag #BBVAOpenMind, which generated an interesting conversation on futurology, interdisciplinarity and artificial intelligence. You can watch an edited version of the event in this video.


The event also included a look at the project’s new website, a space for collaborative work that provides access to more than 100 articles published over the last five years by the OpenMind community, as well as work from numerous experts in various fields.

At the event, Francisco González emphasized that “the next few decades offer enormous opportunities” in a variety of fields, such as the distribution of income, poverty, the environment and biodiversity. He pointed out that the financial turmoil might mark a turning point to help create “a more efficient and productive financial system; one that is more coherent with the legitimate interests of society”.

The event was attended by three authors whose work is included in the book. The Danish writer Anne Lise Kjaer, an expert in futurology and founder of the international trend forecasting agency Kjaer Global, discussed a new global economic model based on ‘the four Ps': people, planet, purpose and profit.

José Manuel Sánchez Ron, Professor of Physics at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and member of the Spanish royal Academy, explained a concept that he called interdisciplinarity; the coming together of experts from different scientific and technological disciplines to drive development over the next few decades.

Finally, the Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading (UK), Kevin Warwick, discussed the latest experiments conducted in the field of artificial intelligence, some involving the connection of the nervous systems of two human beings, in which he personally took part along with his wife. He told the audience, “I connected by brain with that of my wife and it was more intimate than sex”

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