OpenMind, the online community for sharing knowledge

At BBVA we believe that the progress of society, understanding progress as a better future for people, must be linked to the democratization of knowledge, as only knowledge is able to provide us with the skills required to thrive in the broadest sense.

From this conviction, the idea arises of pushing knowledge out of the periphery through creating a community dedicated to sharing and disseminating knowledge to society. Thus OpenMind has been created.

Today the OpenMind community is made up of 300 members from various professional areas and almost 70 experts who make their knowledge available to the general public so they can be enriched with new views and contributions, and the social exponent can be fully shared through social networks, the blogosphere, forums and other informative websites.

Knowledge is presented as articles – downloadable in PDF, EPUB and Kindle-compatible format -, covering the major areas of knowledge: Anthropology, Sociology, Art, Biodiversity, Medicine, IT, Climate, Ecology, Internet, Religion, Technology and Ethics, among others.

The articles are compiled into ebooks or digital books, the thematic focus of which revolves around the knowledge and theories developed by the authors. So far three books have been published: Fronteras del Conocimiento (Frontiers of Knowledge), Las múltiples caras de la globalización (The many faces of globalization), and Innovación, Perspectivas para el siglo XXI (Innovation, Outlook for the 21st century).

The experts participating in the OpenMind community include leading figures from academia, universities and the field of research such as Abhijit Banerjee, Joan Massagué, Saskia Sassen, Nathan Rosenberg, Peter Singer, Hugh Herr, Eric von Hippel, Gerald Holton, Alice Lam, Tod Machover, Frank Moss and Ginés Morata.

With the aim of making the content more accessible the OpenMind Bloghas been created, where users and experts from the community have an interactive space to share opinions and exchange views on topics of interest.

The main requirement to be part of the community is to have an “open mind” to discover knowledge that is sometimes complex but attractive when presented rigorously and in an interesting way and read with a curious and expectant eye.

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