‘Yo soy empleo’, a community to create jobs

Social media is more than Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Linkedin; they are basically communities of people connected through common interests. In total, BBVA communities in social networks now exceed four million users grouped into subjects in which the bank can add value to the conversation. The awareness and affiliation objectives with the brand on the Internet improve in this way, but we cannot stop there.

The next step is to get users of our communities to benefit directly from participating in them in a way that is truly useful to our customers’ business. If they grow, we will grow too. ‘Yo soy empleo’ emerges with this premise; this is an open community that allows its members to join forces with a clear objective: to create jobs in Spain.

The community aims to link demand with supply by connecting those companies that continue to grow despite the economic turmoil with those looking for work at this difficult point in time. BBVA’s contribution to the community is not limited to creating a social platform linking both sides; it is also linked to an incentive plan for contracting a business advisory service and a training plan with direct financial support for every job created, in which leading business schools in the country are added to the community.

This is basically about grouping existing communities sharing the same interest, creating jobs, and seeking joint solutions that benefit all members. To this end, we use common social web tools to obtain a greater benefit for the community, with a working system that makes it possible to join forces for a common good.

Social platforms are nothing more than a meeting place; in this case we believe that joining all parties involved in creating jobs together in one virtual space and providing special help to promote the ultimate goal can be beneficial to all.

This is not something that BBVA manages alone, as a community depends on all its users for it to work well. So from the beginning the project, ‘Yo soy empleo’ will feature the participation of companies with vacancies, Infoempleo as a facilitator of the recruitment processes, leading business schools for the training plans, BBVA companies as an advisory service, etc. Once underway, the door to the Yosoyempleo.es community will be open to anyone who wants and is able to contribute something to meet the goal of creating jobs.

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